Print fails- Form 2 - 2 Failures

I am printing this object on a Form 2 using standard gray resin. While I have had success printing the tank for a model using this tank, customer wanted something different. Tank is designed in Fusion 360.

this is an image of the project in Fusion 360. Here are pictures of the printed results, the first being a blow out, and second blow out after an attempt to provide drains and vents. The Tank is open on one end. Also here is a cross section of the area of the model and the print file.check%203section%203
I would upload the preform file, but its too big. Thanks for you help and ideas.

Have you printed that part successfully before?

Also, it looks like you’re using automatic supports, you can get a part that’s easier to clean off if you place the supports yourself, there’s some that won’t do anything (like the ones on top) and you can get a better distribution of supports that can make them easier to remove

Perhaps suction is developing inside the closed space? If so, you may need to provide a vent hole to permit pressure to escape.

Yes I have printed a version of this tank, not exactly the same, and it has printed. I am thinking that the orientation should be with hole in tank down so that might limit suction. I get no errors from preform. Yes I do automatic supports, and I add support where exerience tells me too. Thanks for your thoughts.

Thanks I am trying it with large hole away from the build plate…

It may be best to have the hole toward the build plate. That will prevent a “cup” from forming, which creates the suction you are trying to avoid.

If cupping is what is causing your model to blow out, here’s an article with video that might help:

Yes, until the upgrades all these parts printed successful before.

These parts are way too small to have hollow insides.
Understand, I manufacture model railroading (mainly) detailing parts in 1:87, 1:160, 1:64 and 1:48 scale ratios.
I’ve been printing these items for over 5 years on these machines.
Check my HVAC and Plumbing fittings on our website and you will grasp the size of these items. They have printed well over the years.

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I don’t post a lot but have been using FormLabs printers from Form 1+.
Closed the company back in October 2019 as it was getting just too much for us. Now I’ve reopened but limiting sales what I can. I also do wholesale production for a few kit manufactures.
At 77 you need something to do. [grin]

Found one of the issues and I’ll post photos later but the rafts are being split in half horizontally with half sticking to the build plate and the other half to the resin tray. All this since upgrading the firmware and Preform. What a mistake.

Here are two photos of some of the issues I’m having since upgrading the firmware and Preform.

First photo shows the split Rafts.

Second photo shows both the parts (solid) taken off the Build Plate and the thin pieces pealed off the Resin Tray surface. These are from the same Rafts and you can see that rafts split and left these.

Solve the problem with help from my friend Pat O’Day of
Pat suggested I run the Formlabs Test file which I did and it ran with no issues.
Then, again with his suggestion, I removed the parts from that build and replace with my own production parts and ran that. Again no issues. I’ve done more and each runs with out any issues.

This is strange in I created new builds from scratch in this version of Preform 3.7.0 and those had issues.
At least I’m back in production.