Print Failed, Don't know why, Tough Resin

Attached are some photo’s of the failed print and the file I used for printing.
I have no clue why this happens.
You can find the formlabs file here

It looks like the walls may be too thin

Whenever you have an enclosed cavity, it’s usually best to add a drain hole facing the platform for resin to escape out of. Otherwise, pressure can build up in the cavity or a suction effect can be created that causes the print to fail. Meshmixer has a great tool for adding holes to your models and if you were to place one towards the bottom of your model facing the build platform, that might help the print to succeed.

I would print this in two pieces, with a lid between the two resulting parts (looks like the walls will be thick enough for that).

Gluing the two parts together with the same resin just after IPA cleaning (use a cheap UV laser to polymerize the added resin), then cure.

This will allow you to avoid having to drill a hole in the bottom of the part, and will also help avoiding those supports inside the part if you orient it smartly (I guess the small geometries inside the part have a function and with so much support inside I doubt you’ll be able to keep these geometries intact while removing all the support material)

Alternatively, printing it with the opening facing the built platform and orienting with only a 5 degree value on the y and x axis will avoir the succion effect and mitigate the amont of support material inside the part, but my last point about the small traversing geometries is still not solved with this orientation.

EDIT : walls look fine to me but then I have very little experience with the Tough resin.

All I print with is Tough. I didn’t download the FORM file but looking at the pictures you posted, I’d flip this object over so that the open end is printed first and the closed end is printed last. Besides the reason articulated by Frew, above, that’ll also maximize the amount of support present on the open end, which is the part of the print that needs the most support. You could also try laying it down a bit more horizontally, like around 30º instead of the ~45º it looks like you have here.

Also, how were you intending to go about cleaning the part up afterwards, that cross hair structure mid way makes it nigh on impossible to remove the “lower” internal supports.

#really wish there was a measure function in preform.

Based on my limited experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if those features were failing left right and centre causing a whole load of sludge in the tank adding to problems mentioned above

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