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Hello All,

Recently I am printing a lot of stuff with a wide range of complexity. The printer performs very well in general and even small parts with a lot of small features are printed descent. But with my last print went something wrong… heres the picture

do you have any suggestions what happened? I had this at the beginning one time and now again and no clue what happened.
I have to mention that the resin tank is new, an hour before i started printing I refilled the tank as usual if the tank is low of resin. After printing I always cover the tank with the black cover.

Maybe someone has the same results?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Ben_Kiste, One of the basic rules of resin printers is not to print parallel to the build plate. It generates much more peel forces on each layer which can result in messy failures. Furthermore rotating the model (while locking X+Y) will help you position the model properly for a bigger chance of succes.
Last, the layer height needs to be chosen correctly as well. For this model, looking at the fact that immense detail is not needed, you should always print this at .1mm. If you print this at .05mm or .025mm, you’ll have 2x or 4x as many peel cycles as needed. This can only cause more unnecessary stress.

Here’s a quick guide to show what I mean.

Like your model, this model is positioned parallel to the build platform. This creates a massive layer which needs to be peeled off each time. Once one goes wrong you’re screwed as it will create a hole in your model which will get bigger and bigger and you’ll end up with a blob on the PDMS layer. Check for that blob if you haven’t done that yet!)

As you can see, the model now only has a corner facing the build platform. This reduces the peelforces on each layer as it has to peel off a smaller part of the print. This is no guarantee, but you should position your model to reduce any peel forces as much as possible. Give the fact that your model is about 6-8mm thick, it will still have a hard time peeling these layers.

Now there is the positioning of the model after you’ve generated supports. Generating supports isn’t enough. Notice the hinge and front text when you’re in the layout view.

Positioning the longer supports on the hinge side will increase your chances of succes. So ensure that you’ve locked the X+Y axis in the orientation model and rotate the part untill you’re satisfied.

Check if the layer height is set correctly and the right resin color is in the tray and good luck with printing.

Also, regarding your print; It seems to have failed near the hole in the middle. Go through all the layer with scroll bar on the left. Or use page up/page down to go through them layer by layer (shift = 10 layers). See if the top part (based on your picture) is properly supported. If not, the peel forces will be too big resulting in a failure.


Now I understand the word “Hinge” on the Pre-Form layout. For some reason I thought that had to do with the cover hinge but no, it’s the hinge of the peel.

Thanks Alex, your explanation helps a lot.

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