Printing failed

My printing failed amazingly bad last night. Any ideas what may have caused it ?

-Link fixxed

Is there anything on the build plate?

Yes there was, the raft was okay, but everything else was just as messy

Any supports on the build plate? Looks like it sheered off from the peel force and dumped itself into the tank…


I’ve had similar issues at times and found that the resin tray was going bad. If you have small prints see if they will do OK around the edges. If so then it is definitely a PDMS layer de lamination problem. You’ll need to replace the resin tray.

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thanks will try a new resin tray.


Don’t allow the prints to be located along the Wiper Side of the build plate. I’ve found that’s what’s pulling the PDMS layer up to start with.

I had a new tray in the machine for only 10 days when it started to have that edge of the PDMS layer pulling up. Once that starts you can be sure that the middle area will also start to pull loose.

What we need is someone to come up with a glue of some kind to run along the outer edges of the PDMS layer to hold it tight to the plastic walls and keep the edges from pulling loose.

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