Failing Print with support structure

Hey community,

with the attached pictures, you’ll see my problem: bad connection
from the support structures to the actual print. The complete print got
lost and i found it in the resin as a remaining flat layer crumbled on
the bottom of the tank.

I used 0,8 mm (thick) points for the structures, so acutally enough
surface for connectivity. I used a completetly new resin (black of
formlabs). I had exactly the same issue lately with clear resin.

Do you have any idea?

Potentially, i assume inhomogenities in the resin. But i mixed it
well. Also rests of isopropyl might be an answer, but i carefully wash
of the base plate, before using it again…

Appreciate your comments!

Changed support structure (newly auto-generated via PreForm):

The model to print:

I printed also a model which previsously worked and which came this time also quite nice:

at first you should try to reorient your part at an angle of 45 degrees. If this doesn’t work higher the build platform ( offset + 2 or 3 notches ).

What effect would an increased buildplatform offset have on the print?

Hi Anton,
In this case I don’t think lowering of heightening the build platform will solve the issue. However, Marcus is right about your part orientation. Orientate your part so that every time the printer does the peel process, it has to peel a smaller surface than you’re giving it right now. Orienting it at 45 degrees and tilting it slightly to ensure the first layer it prints is just one corner. See image:

When you orientate your part similar to this it will reduce the peel forces tremendously, ensuring that your model will stay attached to the supports.

Always make sure that the tallest supports are facing the hinge side to further reduce failures while printing.

I’m sure you’ll have much more succes if printing in a simlar position as my example block.

@Anton_G, If reorienting your part doesn’t improve your results, reach out and open a ticket with Formlabs Support here. Include a link to this forum post, and be sure to mention that the print had worked properly before.