Print failure due to resin tank adhesion and horizontal tank movement

My last 3 prints have failed due to the adhesion of the currently curing layer and lateral movement of the resin tank. When this occurs the supports to the bottom of the print give way from the base and I abort the print. I know there is a vertical and horizontal sequencing of the build plate and resin tank and that it is different during the initial print base letdown than in later layer curing. Not sure how to correct for this and wonder if something is out of sync since my earlier 20-25 prints have been successful. I have changed to black resin and have not had a successful print. Also, I typically print relatively large pieces that require 8-12 hours print time. Thought I would see if this is an easy fix before I waste more time and precious resin or need to talk to the FormLab folks?

Find the leading corner/edge of your part while doing the peel operation.
Then increase the size of the supports or add more supports. The new V3 resins seem to make is type of problem worse.

The base of the supports are breaking off the base, or the print is breaking off the tips of the supports?

The print is breaking off at the tips of the supports (partially). I really didn’t have this problem with the V3 Grey resin. I thought I would try increasing the support base (as Steve suggested) to 1.15 (as opposed to 1.00) and the tip to .90 (as opposed to .70) and see if greater overall support strength will solve the problem. Can’t believe the printer is at fault (yet anyway). I’m still pretty new to this but have been fairly successful over the last several months till lately. Really enjoy the technology! Appreciate the input and greater experience.

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