Print fails after printing

Print the enclosed part using Clear, auto orientation and support structure.

The print came off the machine and looked fine, rinsed it is IPA let it dry, then all wet wrong.

Wall thickness is .7mm at the points of failure, walls have distorted and torn as the points of contact with the supports.

I did notice the walls have a ribbed appearance after printing.

I doubt I am the first but cannot find anything on the forum

So, first–I recommend against using auto orientation and auto supports, it often can’t get the settings correct for the model. Though it looks like your orientation is OK because it’s such a big object it couldn’t orient it much different. But I can definitely see some support issues. Generally, the auto supports will put too many or doesn’t distribute them well.

As for the issue—long thin objects will have a tendency to warp from curing which might be the issue. Also, with that type of shape it’s going to put a lot of wear on the resin tray since it will end up curing on the same spot for many layers so that could be an issue and might cause lower printing quality as it gets to the top, though I would think that would happen only if the resin tray is already pretty well-used beforehand.

I’ve done some large thin walled prints recently and here are the things that I would try.

  1. reduce the amount of time you rinse with IPA. IPA can swell some areas of the print and cause issues.

  2. Leave the part in the open for a while before post cure (indirect sunlight) This seemed to help my parts.

  3. If the part doesn’t need to be optically clear use talc (white baby powder) to soak up any uncured resin.

  4. Manually minimize the supports and print with the walls vertical.

    • Round parts like this actually have the minimum layer area when printed vertical instead of at an angle.
  5. If it’s not 100 microns already increase the layer height. There will be very little quality change with the vertical walls.

Use a water based cleaning method. I was able to print a 4x3x.5 box with 1mm walls that fit perfect.
Orientation is critical to avoid tearing so try to get some good angles on the surfaces.

Thanks all for the info, i will give it a try. I had always used the default layout and support thinking it would reduce errors, but sounds like that was wrong.

I have also seen this on some prints.
As others have said, the solution for me was to reduce the amount of time the parts sit in the alcohol bath. Thin walled parts will almost blow apart if left for too long.

For very thin walled parts and fresh alcohol, I have the best results by actively moving the wash tray in the bath for 3 minutes. (I believe the standard instructions tell you 10 minutes in the first bath and 10 minutes in the second).
After a 3 minute wash let it dry for a couple of hours and repeat only if necessary.

Good luck!

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