Print failing the second time when the first print was a success

I printed a part that was a 100% success. I saved the file to print later. When I printed the second file the same day, it completely failed. Anyone else having the same issue? Is there a higher failure rate the second time around?
The settings were also the same. I used clear resin at .05mm and the expiration is 01/16.

I think you need a higher density of your supports. Maybe your tank got a bit cloudy and you would need more laser power on the following prints due to that. However more supports could help as it probably was close to be too less supported on your first print already.

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It printed perfect the first time. I’ll try that out, hopefully it works.
Thanks Marcus

Make the long supports face the hinge side as well… It seems you have them facing the front/back. If they face the hinge side, it will reduce stress during the peeling of each layer.

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I did a print with 3 pieces and oriented them so they can face the hinge side and taller supports towards the hinge. I also added more supports and closer to a 45 degree angle. The middle one ended up failing. I tried again last night with 2 pieces, leaving the middle part out and one failed closer to the hinge. I can’t seem to figure out why the failure rate is higher the second time around. Any suggestions?

The photo below shows a complete part on top and failed print on the bottom.

I have suspicions. The resin tends to higher viscosity with use, with small inclusions of solidified residue. Bad.

I’ve gone to rigorous hygiene, which seems to help.

Comb then filter the resin through a paint strainer. Use the scraper multiple times to make sure the bottom layer of the tank doesn’t have old resin sitting on it. The tank surface needs to be as clean as possible. Top off the tank rather than let it draw down (and mix old and new resin thoroughly). Check the big mirror for dust.

Takes 15 or 20 minutes, but usually pays off.

I also find that failed prints of any size kill the tank. And two failures in a row mean I should check the small mirror and galvos even though the machine is in a reasonably clean studio.

Good luck!

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