Every print fails after it's done with the structure and starts with the actual part

Good morning,

we’ve got a Form 2 since a few years now in our company and usually where rather good at troubleshooting failed prints.

But this time we’re a bit confused. So we start our print like we usually do, but first check the resine: It looks good, no particles no nothing and it’s smooth as honey.
The printer then starts doing his job, printing the first layers of support structure and everything looks fine. But when the first layers come which are now part of the actual part, it fails every time. We’ve got this problem with our newest cartiriges of resine, clear and black. The older one, with tough resine, workes fine.

Of course, between each failed print with the new resine, we’ve cleant the tank as we always do, when we’ve got a failed print with particles of the print in the tank.

Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:

Couple quick suggestions:

  • Try a “butterfly” test print and see how that comes out. If it works, you might need larger supports on your print.
  • Inspect and clean the optics in your printer (starting with the optical window)
  • Check resin hasn’t expired. Filtering it through a paint filter could help if there’s debris from previous failures.
  • Supports print at a higher exposure than the model. You can try duplicating your part in Preform and perfectly aligning the two copies over top of each other. That will cause the laser to make two passes. if it works, it could indicate dirty optics or a weak laser.

Support is generally pretty good at helping you isolate the cause of these kind of issues; reach out to them if you haven’t already, and include some photos.

Good luck!