NEWBIE, Build issues

I bought a form 2 a week ago after seeing some great results.
Set it up had a play with the preform software and tried to print
some parts. They built but not very well due to my messing with the supports
and using minirafts.
So I cleaned the build platform and re set the parts. a 3 hour build and nothing
printed at all! Cleaned the build platform again and rebuilt. Again, nothing built.
Laser seems to be doing it’s thing ok.
I need to learn more! But my question is even though nothing built has the resin been ‘cooked’
by the laser and should I chuck it, clean the tank and start again or would the resin still be ok?

Hi philchamp, Welcome to the forum.

If you got your printer a couple of weeks ago, you probably bought fresh resin?, so unless you left the resin tray out in the light it should be good.
What I do before running any job is to prior to inserting a resin cartridge, I rock the cartridge from side to side 50X to ensure that the resin is well mixed (keep the lid shut!) BTW what resin are you using?

I noticed that you said that the print failed and you cleaned the build platform. But did you check if any of the failed print was stuck to the resin tank?

If there was any material stuck to the tank, it would reduce the ability of the laser beam from curing fresh resin I use a silicone spatula(available from any kitchen shop and it helps protect tank film) to move the resin around to check if any of the previous print is stuck to the tank. If you do find bits stuck to the tank, very carefully peel off the residue ( I use an artist paint spatula)

Next ! if you do find debris, you will have to filter the resin through a paint filter, if not, when you next print, you will find flakes being built into your new print.

Minirafts are good in the right context. most of my prints use minirafts, as they use less resin.

The preform software is not perfect, but it is pretty good. As you get to understand your materials you can push the limits of how you process it. A lot of our very small work, we design in our own supports.

If you have images of the failed print it will help the forum to feed back.

Hope that helps.

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Paint filters ordered, silicone spatula orders,
Palette knives ordered!
I will get the hang of this!
Failed print was just gloop which does suggest
cured resin in the bottom of the tank!

Any time a print fails, you have to remember that the cured resin that’s missing from the model has to go somewhere. The laser is still firing there. Every time it does, it solidifies more resin to the bottom of the tank. Print failures always need the tank to be cleaned of loose flakes and chunks, and the bottom of the tank needs to the checked for resin that’s stuck there.

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