Purchased a refurbished Form2 and have yet to print a successful print

Anyone else here have an experience with a bad refurbished printer? What were the issues? I’m trying to get tech support to work with me on it, but they’re very slow to respond and we have stuff we needed to make yesterday! Preform doesn’t give any warnings… supports and bits of the print are just falling off into the resin tank, it seems. Everything is “brand new” - tanks, resin, etc.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Could you share the Preform file with supports so we can see if it looks good, and state which material/resolution you are using?

Be sure to clean out the resin tank after failed prints too since a dirty tank will lead to further failures. Filter resin through paint filter and put it back in the tank.

my brand new machine was a lemon. unending Resin sensor failures, prints hanging, and then ultimately a grinding noise and the platform stopped lifting and the tank stopped peeling.

Formlabs replaced it with a refurbished printer.
I have yet to have a print failure with that machine, altho it did stop being able to detect resin cartridges, which Formlabs offered to fix for free… and the machine has been running flawlessly ever since.

You do not give a very good description of the failures. Got any pictures you can post?

If the supports are not sticking to the platform it might be as simple as adjusting the Z height of the platform to the negative side.
But it could even be how you are orienting the models in preform…

So please post a screen shot of how you have the model set up in preform.
And another of what the failed prints look like before removal from the platform.

I would recommend running the Optics Test Print. Support will send it to you, but if that is moving slow, you might be able to find it searching on the forums. Most likely you will need to clean the optics. Handling, shipping, and an unknown prior environment could all lead to the mirrors needing cleaning. Support will give you instructions on that process. It is pretty simple.

If your base is not adhering to the platform, you may need to adjust your ‘Z axis fine tuning’, and it won’t hurt to lightly scuff the build platform with some sandpaper to increase adhesion.

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