Failed print 3 times need Help

Hi community
I need help with this print it’s for a customer and I tried printing it three times all in the some place. I checked the big mirror the other mirrors look good what do you thinks wrong.

Thanks for the Help
Just submitted a ticket to formlabs

Have you tried a new resin tank. I have a large part (13+ hours) that I need to print several times. The part always print fine in a new resin tank. And seems to fail near the end of print the next time. I check the tank very carefully after the first print and I can not see any issues in the tank. After the second print I do see ghosting/shadows in the tank. I do slide the print over on the second print to use a little different area of the tank, but the print covers pretty much the entire tank. Please let me know if there are other things I should be trying.

Yes I got a new resin tray and new resin and it still failed. + I cleaned the big mirror and it still failed. Please help me thanks

@Mark_Brierton if the ghosting in your tank get intensive ghosting and more than normal you can try to higher your buildplatform I think. Its just what I would try but I noticed that my tanks have different intensities of ghosting over time although everything I printed was the same under the same conditions. The only explanation I have for that is that there is not the same amount of silicon in each tank but I don’t know.

@Jacob_Keller maybe your problem is the same so you might want to higher the BP a bit. How do you clean your mirror exactly?

I clean my mirrors With pec pads and 70% rubbing alcohol. But I well try the build platform thanks.

Ok so tried to print the part in black and it failed.

At 50 microns on the hinge side.

How many notches you moved the slider up? There is some flaking visible at the supports so for my experience either the mirror is still dirty with some alcohol leftovers or the laser is dying - the flaking would get worse. I guess you are filtering your resin after each print? If you compare the prints side by side can you see when it startet to fail? Did you have a warning at the upload of the model to preform saying the file is inconsistent? could you please make a photo of your mainmirror with flashlight? Maybe you have some purple smudges from the IPA left on the surface? If you used airspray before you hopefully don’t have some leftovers on you small mirror. It could help to analyze if you clean the parts and place them side by side and post the pictures.

How do I higher the build platform?

@Mark_Brierton open preform, apply, go to help and fine tuning, set the platform height. You can use the search option on this forum by the way or just read the advices by formlabs!

Ok so inspected the mirrors the big mirror had a scratch on it and the small mirror had a big scratch on it i have no idea how the scratchs got on there talked to formlabs and they are sending new mirrors to me. When i get the mirrors I will post new Pictures of the new prints. wish me luck

Well at least you found the problem! Thats more than many other people can say because the printer can be a mystery sometimes :smiley: How do you replace the small mirror since its glued?

Formlabs gives you instructions on a pdf file. For the small and big mirrors but i dont now if the mirrors are the problem but I will find out if it is the problem.

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