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Hey everybody. I’ve had this part fail twice on me now. At first when I imported I got a warning about integrity issues ( I think because it was simply shelled with open ends. I revised the geometry to be more reliable, didnt get any warnings when importing but it still didn’t complete the print.

I did have to stir up the resin really good prior to printing because it had been sitting for a long time but once my PDMS was nice and clean everything looked great. I also cleaned the main mirror prior to printing since it had been sitting for so long.

Do you think this was due to the resin sitting unused for so long (probably close to 2 months) or is it more likely due to something else like model orientation, geometry, or printer maintenance?

It looks like maybe the part that didn’t print might be too thin, since the rest of the print looks good.

Hmm. The part is a simple loft and shell at a uniform wall thickness of .1" so that should be ok.

Was it 2 months in the bottle or in a resin tank that the material sat unused?

Might be the material but I think it might be more geometry related… can you get a better shot of the failure area and maybe what the part is suppose to look like in preform?

That was the time sitting in the resin tank.

And here is a close up of the failure and a screenshot of my preform file.

Anthony, it looks like the part might be creating suction in the closed spaces…thus the blow out you are seeing. I would recommend writing into our support team so they can suggest a fix.


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Is anyone using the new tough resin.

My feedback is that it is not tough at all, in fact is softer than the black resin, and waaaaay softer than the regular clear resin. Also it is opaque/green in colour see thru.
We have rinsed in isopropanol and post cured under a nail varnish UV device for 2 hours

I cant see where or how to start a new thread, so sorry for hijacking this one, it seems I only have the option to reply



Roy, we definitely want to try and keep threads on topic. You can find answers concerning tough in this thread where Tough vs Strong is explained.


Thanks Jory. I might do that!

I would check the main mirror, the tank where tha part failed and if that is clear check the resin for any lumps.

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