Resin constantly cures to tank PLEASE HELP

So I got my form 1+ and love it… when it works. Recently I’ve had fail after fail after fail and so on. The main problem is coming from resin curing to the bottom of the tank. Almost ever print at varying times into the print a chunk will cure and ruin the print.
Things I’ve tried to fix the problem.

multiple orientations of the object.
Changing the height from the base of the tray
increasing the contact points
I’ve bough a brand new resisn tank, and resin and it has the same issue.
I also double checked the mirror and no oil or dust are visible.

Granted the prints are a little complex it shouldn’t be a problem for the form1, and similar prints I’ve done in the past were no problem. At this point it seems I"m just burning money on resin.

The only thing I can think of that’s left is its a model problem or something wrong with the code generated for the laser.

Thanks a lot.
cheers Ron,

Do you mind sharing the form files so we can see if there are any parts floating in limbo, or if the orientation itself needs tweaking?

In most cases resin will build on the platform when parts aren’t properly supported. It only has to be a small part which isn’t supported correctly and the build up of resin in the tank will grow exponentially if continuing to print.

Hey Alex thanks for the reply :smile:
I was able to trouble shoot enough to get a final print out I think the problems were coming from a combination of strutual errors in the model itself as well as some micro gouges in the Resin tray. I counted the tray out at first because it was BRAND NEW! form labs you might want to look into your tanks more closely. Take the Draken 3d SLA priner on kickstarter has already addressed this issue with filaments added for extended life.

Anyway thank you for the help it was appreciated! as far as sharing the form file I cannot unfortunately its a client job and sensitive at that.

Thanks again!
Ron, :smile:

Glad you found a solution to your problem. Could you elaborate a little more on what the actual problem was and how you solved it? This helps others or new owners on their way that might read your topic and have similar issues.


So firstly, this is all from observation. I cant be certain the steps I took were directly the problem or not, but my prints have been coming out way better. So number one (CONTAMINATION!)
I think this is at the top of the problem pyramid. Most form users use Isopropyl alcohol to clean and rinse there finished models. Love the stuff however I’ve run into problems cleaning scrappers and build platforms with it. even after drying the build platform and scraper would mix slightly with the resin and I would start to notice micro facets in the acrylic lining of the resin tank(VERY BAD) and immediately it needs to be replaced. I no longer clean with isoproply instead I simple wipe these down with a moist cloth.

Second is integrity.
Most of the models I print are pretty detailed and have lots of pieces. the form software does a great job handling it for the most part, But when a piece has an open face or something wrong such as Ngons or flipped normal’s its usually ok. In your slicing you can usually see these errors. So if your renders are failing its not always the printers fault :slight_smile:

Third Contact points
The larger your model the harder time the form has in printing it. the force generated from the peeling process and greatly effect the line detail and potential bread your model and result a fail. Try to be cautious of the thickness of your pieces and make sure you have plenty of supports to these parts. I usually Opt for more contact points with smaller tips helping with clean up and allows for moderate support!

How these little tips help somebody
cheers Ron,

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