Please help: resin tank not tilting during peeling, platform touches bottom of tank

When a new print job is started, the platform comes down, but now it is touching the bottom of the resin tank. Then, during the peeling process, the tank does not tilt at all. I also tried to do a dry run without a resin tank, and again, the frame that normally holds the resin tank is not tilting either. Any ideas? Please help.

I forgot to mention, during the peeling process, even though nothing is tilting, there is a sound coming from the printer, as though the motor is trying to work hard, but cannot overcome “something”. Again, I emphasize, this is happening even without the resin tank, so the platform is just hanging in mid air.

Sounds like your peel servo could have disconnected from the build platform holder.  Do a quick search on the forums for the article, but you should fine the info you’re looking for!  Good Luck 3D printer newbie!

Even though your tank is not tilting, did you get a print out of it? How did it come out? Just curious.

It sounds like you may be having a hardware issue.  If you haven’t already, please open a ticket with our awesome Customer Support team.  We can help take care of it for you and get you printing!