Strange noise and no resin cured on platform, just in tank

Monday I was printing without any problem, but yesterday when try to print a big noise starts, I put a video because I cannot explain.
The platform didn’t adhiere anything and the tank gets cured resin. (Wait until mid video to ear the noise)
Noise when printing

Sounds to be a problem with the resin tank?

Yikes, that doesn’t sound good. While I can’t give you a definitive answer, I would start by opening a ticket with support. They would be your best bet in helping you troubleshoot.

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Sounds like you have a bad peel motor. I would reach out to support and open a ticket if you haven’t already done so. I would run a test print with no vat or build platform. See if the motor can pull the vat holder down with no load on it. It will also help identify where the noise is coming from if I am incorrect.

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Thanks guys!!
I have a question, support said me to do it:

• Open the orange cover and turn the Z axis counter-clockwise to make the build platform go down 2-3 cm, so it doesn’t engage the limit switch at the top anymore

My english isn’t the best and I don’t understand what it means…could you help me with it please?
Where is the Z axis counter?

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That is a good suggestion. Here is where a pic is worth 1000 words. I will take a pic and send it over.
The long screw at the back of the printer that runs from below the vat to above the build platform holder is the part they want you to turn. You will need to turn that screw so the build platform lowers.

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