Resin Tanks Cracking with loud breaking noise

Hi All! First time here. Had my Formlabs 1+ for almost 2 years and have loved it until recently. Noticed that old prints were failing so looked at resin and cleaning. Cleaned it completely, but noticed that lots of resin on edges, so tanks are cracked. Also sat through an entire print and listened to some horrible sounds. Not sure but sounded like something not moving, and really bad grinding/cracking sounds. Platform goes up and down like it should, and resin tank moves up and down like it should but at the beginning and ending of a print, horrible sounds. Noticed that 2 brand new resin tanks, cracked. Can’t see anything obvious, so help give me starter places to look. thanks.

Can you post video/audio of this?

Is there a way to simulate it printing, or do a “dry run”, or system check, without having to put in a new tank and resin? If not, then i can do that and do a test print and video it.

In addition to the above mentioned, there is a fair amount of cured resin on the floor of the printer, on the inside of it. It doesn’t look like its’ on anything vital, but just the floor

On a Form 1+, you can always print with neither a tank nor build platform.

I did a test print of the Butterfly clips and it seemed to work without mechanical issues at all. Normal sounds and functioned fine. I did video it, but it was normal. Now i have to figure out why the test print printed the edge samples off the edge of the build platform, and didn’t do them completely. It seemed like they were enlarged on the print build but not on the screen before i sent it to printer.

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