I definitely won't trust Form labs anymore

If I count all the problems I have had with Form Labs … I would have no forum space for my words.

Please, I need your help.

What do you think?

It was all from a resin tank change and my printer behaved this way.

It does it to each Layer …

is a loud noise in the resin tank motor

Important, it is not the engine or sensor checked it is the motherboard or firmware

I have factory reset, loaded other firmware versions … nothing … doomed

I turn off the motor and at least I can print noiselessly … do I sacrifice the offset x of the resin tank?

I am not going to open a ticket because they only want to charge, I have already paid for many repairs and many printers … I am really unlucky or scammed that they never repair correctly … I have no guarantee now

I will definitely quit Formlabs, I have 2 Zortrax Inkspire … liters and liter and never had a problem …

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Best Regards

Hello good afternoon friends.

can you help me?

I wish I knew what was causing this issue. whats odd is no one is responding. I have the same problem with my form 2.