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Tank Motor Issue

Hello All,

I’m having an issue with my Form2 motor that moves the resin tank left and right. When I initialize a print and during startup it moves the tank all the way to the right and keeps trying to move it right after it’s limit which makes a loud jamming noise and vibrates the printer a bit. Probably last for 3-5 seconds. It started heating the platform and said it was filling the tank with resin once but the tank was all the way on the right side so the resin would have missed the tank if it did start to fill up (I quickly stopped the print). It seems to me like the left and right
directions are backwards.

Previously my z-axis motor wires got fried so the platform wasn’t moving up and down and I had to replace the wires for them. Now the platform moves but I’m running into this issue which didn’t seem to happen before. Maybe I missed something up while fixing the z-axis but I only changed the wires connected to the back motor controller which I believe is only responsible for the platform.

If anyone has suggestions for troubleshooting or has experienced something similar, I would love some advice.


I am also having this issue, did you ever find a way to resolve it?