Form 2 loud cracking noises

Hi all,
My Form2 started to produce loud cracking noises during the early layers of printing. It’s when the platform peels off and there is also an unusual noise when it lowers back down into the resin. I’m attaching a short video below where you can hear it. It’s printing a small object so the noises are not too loud. It’s much louder with larger objects. The noises stop at a later stage of printing. The noises seem to be due to the peeling forces but I never had them before. I’m also having a few failed prints at the moment but not sure if it’s related.
Has anyone experienced this before?

how old is that tank? The standard F2 tanks don’t last very long.

Hi, thanks for your reply. The tank is not that old, only about 700 mL of resin used. It should be good for at least 2 L of resin. I just changed to a brand new tank and still get the same noises

I’d contact support. Sounds like there is something stuck on the system that drives the tank motion so that may need to be cleaned out.

Yeah, I just contacted them. I also have these strangely messed up prints now that I never had before even after replacing tank, cartridge, and cleaning all the optical surfaces and galvos. Might be related after all…

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