Loud noise when peeling the parts from any tank, any resin, any print

So for the last few prints all of them make a loud “CLACK” noise each time a layer is peeled (aka Z raises), no matter which resin or tank I use…

Is this normal? Has anything got “de-calibrated”? Should I worry?

It’s not that Im getting bad prints but sometimes some layers are more noticeable than others… say in 2 or 3 spots of each print, and of course not at the same height…

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Are you noticing this mostly on the earlier layers or throughout the entire print? This could be from the part over-adhering to the PDMS. In the earlier layers, this is sometimes caused by overcompression, and later in the print it can be caused by cupping from enclosed hollow cavities.

Check the Resin Tank locking tabs. When my Form 2 makes that popping sound that’s what the problem is. I’ve had two trays break the locking tab each in a different corner.

Mostly since the very beginning until the end of the print…

What’s the solution anyway, if any?

Did you check the tray? One way is to watch the print and when the build plate lifts watch the tray. If it lifts then snaps back down then that’s the problem. Broken lock tab on the Resin Tray… If that’s the issue you’ll have to pretty much live with it, unless more than one tab is broken, until the tray needs replacement. If more than one tab is broken you’ll need to replace the resin tray and also put in a Service Ticket as they should replace the tray.

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