Pop Noise during peel process

After each layer builds on my printer and the peel starts, My printer pops loudly as the partially built model breaks free from the bottom layer of the resin tank. Anyone else have this problem? As far as I can tell, it’s not causing the prints to fail anymore often than they already do on their own :expressionless:. It’s more just me wondering what’s going to break next.

I wouldn’t worry, it’s probably just some layers with a large surface area. That sound is normal. You might be able to find an orientation that reduces surface area per layer. Also, a new tank can help it peel easier.

Search for my thread where I asked the same. Its normal. It had do to with the peeling of dense or thick models. Learn to avoid by post processing your model and making is hollow when possible. Hope this helps !!

That’s the weasel inside the printer.

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