Ticking sound during peel cycle

Hi everyone. After printing half a liter of resin, my Form 1+ started to make a ticking sound during the peel cycle. It is at the moment where the resin tank is half way down at the right hand side. The sound apears to be coming from the back side of the printer, not the front or right hand side. So I guess it’s not the issue with that notch, on the bottom of the resin tank frame?

It’s a bit darkish video, but since it’s all about the sound good enough to share:

Does anyone have a clue what’s going on? Swapping resin tanks didn’t work, as I tried it today. Any help would be great!

could be your part sticking to the PDMS layer and releasing… it is a thick section that is being pulled at that point? it could also just be the tilt motor doing something funny. if they prints are coming out okay not sure I would worry too much

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I agree - it sounds like something sticking, then releasing. perhaps its the tilt assembly or some such?

Thank you for your reply.

It’s not something sticking on the PDMS, because the sound is always the same, for tiny prints and large ones.

How can I see if it has something to do with the tilt assembly? I cannot print with the orange cover open, right?

The prints come out fine, by the way.

What to do?

You can not print with the cover open unless you defeat the protection device installed to prevent printing with the cover open. You would be better off and safer, to take out the vat and build tray if you want to see what is going on but since you said that your prints are coming out fine, I would not worry about it. From what I can hear, I do not hear anything way out of the ordinary.

If you are really concerned with it, I would open a support ticket so it can be properly documented but I do not think there is a problem.

Happy printing.

I’ll try to test it without the resin tank and build platform in place and try to capture it on video. I’ll report my findings here.

I use white lithium grease on both jack screws, and it works great. I wipe off old and replace it every month or so.

I did the test today, printing without the resin tank and build platform. I now know for certain it isn’t the Z axis spindle or the tilt spindle and motor, but something else. The sound apears to come from the hinge aft side if the resin tank frame. I cannot see what is causing this.

The prints still come out fine, so I’ll quit my investigation. If someones stumble across the same issue, please share your findings here.

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