Form 2 sounds like a jackhammer after each layer

I have been printing for months without issue and today I switched to a new tank and Gray 03 and after every layer I get this jackhammer sound right before it lifts. See the video for more. Any idea what would cause this? I reseated everything and it does the same thing, I am hoping nothing broke.

I don’t have a form 2 but it looks like the noise is coming from the tray not being able to slide sideways during the peel process.

While hopefully someone here can assist in an easy fix for this, I would reach out to support.

Yep, seems like the tray is stuck. Maybe something is in the way for it to be able to move?

Yikes, seconding (thirding?) @DavidRosenfeld and @fantasy2’s suspicion that something is keeping the tank from completing the peel movement. There can be a few different causes for this but oftentimes it’s from over-compression of the raft layers. Can you try upping your Z offset in fine tuning by 0.3mm? If you find that that doesn’t correct the issue but the part still adheres, you might iterate upwards by 0.2mm until the issue either corrects itself or your parts start to fail to adhere. If this doesn’t correct the issue, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with a member of our support team.

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I suspect it’s a problem with your slide motor’s limit switch. The tank should return to the left after the wiper moves back and forth, but yours stays put. On the next layer, the printer tries to slide the tank to the right as it peels, but the tank’s already all the way to the right (hence the knocking sounds).

Please open a support ticket so we can help you resolve this. Including a link to this thread will help speed things along.

I just printed a model earlier this week and it was fine, replaced the tank to switch to gray and this started could it be the tank? or a setting with Gray 03? I have printed with all the other colors and never seen this before. I also don’t remember the tank sitting so far to the right when printing. Could something have gotten out of alignment with the motion of the tank? I don’t want to just slide it back and forth. I will switch back to clear and see if the issue continues.

I did open a ticket but no one has responded to that one yet.

Support got back to me and are sending me a limit switch. I noticed when I tried switching back to clear it was making the noise when initializing also, so the limit switch makes sense. Thanks everyone for the responses.


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