Form 2 Knocking sound while trying to move resin tray

My Form 2 recently just started making a knocking sound while printing. Upon hearing the sound, I went to check on the printer and noticed as the build plate is rising after finishing a layer, the tray continues to try and move to the right while the knocking sound is occurring and never moves left. When the print starts up, the tray moves both left and right, so its possible the tray can move left, its just not while printing. Anyone have a solution to this? I’d appreciate it.

The print seems to go as planned with no issues, even with the knocking sound. I just dont want to ruin any motors or anything with continuing to print this way.


Hi, my first thought is that the gear rack or the gear itself that moves the tank is worn out. Or maybe a screw came loose and now the gear rack moves over the gear when the print still sticks to the tank?