Printer Making Kocking Sound

Our Form 2 is making a knocking sound when the resin tray is sliding to the right. The sound happens as it’s getting to the far right. Any others hearing this?

That sounds like the chain jumping teeth, and the most usual cause is something blocking the movement of the tray or the wiper… Happened to me once.
I suggest to take the resin tank out, verify absence of loose pieces, broken parts of previous prints or anything, and try again.

I also experienced this many times before.
If you are printing multiple specimens, allow sufficient space between them or adjust the orientation.
Likely too much suction force somewhere.
Hope it works out for you!

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Hi there!

We’re always interested in hearing the more ​_unique_​ sounds from our printers so if you could [submit a support ticket] ( and include a video with audio, we’ll have one of our teammates look into this for you.

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