Thump/Thud sound at the end of a peel

I just started noticing a ‘clunk’ or ‘thump’ sound at the very end of a peel cycle (when the resin tray travels all the way to the right. I am printing a solid model with a cross section of about 3 square inches (certainly not too big?). I can also see that the build plate jumps up about 1/8" when the clunk sound happens.

It’s only my sixth print on a brand new machine.

Is this normal? Am I damaging anything?

This tends to be safe but it can also mean that the printer is struggling to detach the part from the tank. We often see this with parts that have enclosed hollow cavities that create a sort of suction cup effect. Is it possible that this is the case here?

I’ve seen and heard this with my printer. Haven’t had any issues concerning it. I’ve been printing consistently for a year.

No hollow cavities. I tried to print this same part yesterday (an R2D2 shoulder detail) with a hollow cavity and it printed with no thunk sound. Unfortunately I broke it during post-processing. My fault. I redesigned it as solid and that’s when I started getting the thunk. It’s printing now and quit making the noise about an hour ago once it was past the thickest part of the print. Maybe the extra surface area made it hard for the printer to detach on each cycle.

Lesson learned: when I orient the part (I oriented this one manually) try and orient so the printer has the thinnest cross section during the peel phase.

Thanks for your help!

Minimizing cross-sectional area tends to be a good goal as it does directly correlate with the difficulty of the peel cycle. Let me know if you’re noticing any artifacts in your prints that seem to be caused by the ‘thud’ sound. It tends to be safe but it’s worth making sure. We printed a solid cube on the build platform (well over 3L of resin) and it finished successfully so cross-sectional area isn’t much of a restriction but you might notice a bit more peel force required for larger sections.

You printed a solid cube the size of the build volume?!?! Holy cats, that’s huge. I suspect I’m far too worried about peel forces on my little parts if you were able to pull that off.

I’ve printed three or four things since then and haven’t noticed any sounds so maybe it’s just the new machine settling in.

I’m curious just how much force the build plate withstood during your cube print. The moment arm force at the final layers of the print must have been very large. Impressive that it stayed attached.

This was resin dipped to try and improve transparency which is what’s causing the wavy finish on the exterior.

New photo by Zachary Frew

Here’s to hoping the thud sound is gone for good. we notice it periodically here in the office and it doesn’t tend to be a cause for concern.

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