Strange noise duing a large print

I am printing the first large piece since I got my replacement printer. I noticed about 4 hours into the 16 hour print I was hearing a thumping noise. So this morning now 12 hours into the print the print looks fine but the noise is still there. I suspect it is the print sticking during the peel but I never experienced this with my first printer. I printed several small prints to test the replacement printer and there were no unusual noises. I have attached a video of this, has anyone else experienced this?

Link to video

Mine does the same thing. The thump comes when the resin tank is about 1/2 way through it’s peel stroke, so it’s not the print breaking free of the PDMS. Which I originally thought, too, so I took the time to stare at the printer while it was doing this. The build platform doesn’t move when the thump occurs, and looking at the print itself, it doesn’t appear to deflect or “snap” when the thump occurs. The noise appears to be coming from something inside the tray-moving mechanism.

It seems to occur more often when the printer is hotter, meaning if my room temp is in the upper 70s vs. lower 70s, especially if I put my slip-cover over the printer, which cuts down on air circulation around the printer and probably gets the printer hotter than normal by another few degrees.

Doesn’t appear to affect the print. Not clear if there are any long term concerns about whatever is making the noise.

Yeah I had the same issue but only when printing large prints. As if the print is snapping off the tray.

It definitely only happens on the large prints and didn’t effect them, The parts I was printing got smaller as they printed and as the size went down it stopped doing it on both large prints. Thanks for the responses.

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