Tank tray lose

Does anyones back right corner of the tank tray move a little, it makes a clunk noise when pushed down? Or all the corners supposed to be tight and not move at all. I hear a clunk when printing the biggest pieces when the build platform and resin tank move. Doesn’t do it on the smaller pieces.

Hey there @Resindustkits!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! That’s a terrific question.

So there might be a couple things going on.

Firstly, if one corner of the tank isn’t seated properly, you should be able to see it on the tank. There should be a slight slope in the tank from the rear of the printer to the front, but the left and right should be perfectly level. I’d recommend trying to take a look to see if the tank looks tilted, either left or right.

Second, the thunk sound you’re hearing is likely the peel process breaking the print away from the bottom of the tank. The reason you’re only experiencing it on larger prints is simply because there’s more surface area so the printer needs to work a little harder to unstick the part from the tank.

I hope that’s helpful, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions!

Thanks. I may have named the wrong piece. Its not the resin tank but the metal tray it attaches into. You can press it down just a bit and makes the same clunk i hear during printing. There is a nut there, not sure if its needs tightening. Didn’t want to try

My sincere apologies for the confusion!

Any chance you could post a quick video here?

To be honest, if the prints are coming out OK, this is probably nothing to worry about at all. There should be some give in the tank carrier. It’s on springs to keep it level.

You absolutely did the right thing by not adjusting those screws. That’s one of the screws users really shouldn’t mess with. If the sound is concerning(or even just bugging) you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at the link below and we’d be happy to dig into what might be happening a little deeper!


I couldn’t upload the video, only pics. How do i do it? I’ll also contact support

If you’re not able to do it directly, a link to a youtube video is probably the easiest thing. :slight_smile: Definitely a good idea to get in touch with support though!

I am in contact with support, thanks. I never made a youtube video, was very easy… if it works. I dont think its affecting the prints. But any time something is a little off, i think it’s this problem. Also if it’s not supposed to move, why is it moving and if its moving, it will ware something down and eventually brake… one day out of warranty i’m sure.

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