Resin tray makes a "thunk" during peel off

This is probably my 6th or 7th print and now my resin tray seems to be hanging on something and making a thunk during the peel off process.  I made a short video on my phone that I can post if necessary.  Anyone seen this happen before?  I paused it, moved the tray around, but that didn’t fix it.

The printer hasn’t been moved since I set it up and it was working fine on the last print.

Mine makes a slight thunk on every peel too.  I think its just normal and is just the layer slowly separating from the silicon on the bottom of the resin tray.  I havent had any problems with prints but hear this often, usually on bigger prints

Hi Greg,

As Dylan mentioned, the “thunk” noise during the peel is usually normal and caused by the release of the newly cured layer from the silicone bottom of the resin tray.  Prints with larger surface areas sometimes make the noise louder as they “hold on” longer in the peel cycle before they separate.  If the noise seems to be getting louder or changing, however, definitely let know and they can help diagnose if there might be something else going on.


This is probably the answer to your question