Tray "catching" when performing tilt?

As you can see in this video that I made, I am seeing a definite strong “catch” on my tray when it is performing the tilt after curing each layer. I can’t recall, but I don’t think it was doing this when I first plugged it in (I feel that would have been rather noticeable). Is this normal, or is there a problem?

I’ll also open a help ticket to FormLabs with this, but I’m curious if others have seen it (and if they have, if it’s a problem / what should be done about it).

It has not affected my prints yet, as it catches only when tilting and is in the appropriate position during the curing step.

As a quick follow-up, I don’t observe this in the first few layers of my next print… even though I was seeing it every time on the later layers of the previous print. Interesting…

Ah, I see someone replied here with a similar answer, so perhaps it is not an issue:

Hi Stephen,

You beat me to it!  A pause, followed by a “thunk,” and tray movement is often a part of normal operation.  The peel process separates cured resin from the bottom of the resin tray by pulling down on the tank.  The cured resin can sometimes “hold on” for a second, particularly with bigger prints, which causes the catch or hesitation.  When it finally peels off the bottom of the tank, it tends to do so very quickly–causing the “thunk” noise.  If the noise changes or becomes worse, definitely reach out to and they can help figure out if there’s something more going on with your machine.


Thanks martin! :slight_smile: