Noise while Printing

Is this a normal sound?  The clunking noise right before the next layer starts?  Pretty sure that it is not clicking noise that people talk about during the peel.  The hook is not moving while this noise is happening.  Been having a lot of failures lately.  Not sure if it has been making this noise all along.  It usually goes away as the print goes on.


It sounds pretty normal to me. Sometimes you’ll hear a loud “clunk” on layers with a lot of solid area. This doesn’t necessarily mean the part will be flawed, but you can try orienting parts to reduce cross sectional area (or make the change in slice area more gradual).

Have you seen this yet? it covers all the sounds of a Form 1 in operation.

My form one is also having the same noise at start up  when the stepping motor is pushing the platform to upmost position. So I think it is normal.

I have not been able to get a successful print now in a couple of weeks.  I’m trying to track down the problem and thought I would start with that noise.  Thanks for your help.  I will check out that link Jason.

I don’t think I have had a successful print since the software update.  I don’t know if that is the cause.  I started having some trouble before that.  Here are a couple of pictures which are typical of my failures.  It looks to me like the support base is not printing as thick as it should.  It should have been 2mm.

Anybody have a clue whats going wrong, let me know.

Sorry to hear that Scott. I am not entirely sure what your problem is, but it looks like you are having build plate sticking issues. I would clean your build plate thoroughly, and then comb your resin tank and clean it. It could be a simple problem of cured resin in your tank.

Good luck! Keep us updated. If that doesn’t do the trick, it is definitely support-ticket worthy.

I agree that it some kind of build plate sticking issue.  I just don’t know what has changed.  I clean the platform after every print with alcohol and this problem is a recent thing.  It has happened after a change to the grey resin and the software update.  I got several good prints with the grey resin before I started getting failures.  The failures started small and progressed to spectacular!

I have cleaned the build platform and emptied the resin tank and refilled it with fresh resin.  Right now I am trying to print something that I have successfully printed before.  If this fails, I will open a support ticket.