Printer goes clunk

I started a print this afternoon, and my printer seems to have developed a fault - whenever it does the peel between layers, it makes a very loud ‘clunk’ sound, and when it does, it looks as if the resin tank drops around 1-2cm all of a sudden.

I recorded a video of it before I stopped the print:

That is totally normal operation. A vacuum is created during peeling a large flat surface (usually the base). After that it should go away and it will not harm your prints.

Phew, that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation! I’ll give it another try now.


There is another video which documents the boot sounds, which can also sound like anomalies (but are not).

Might make sense to document the peel process there as well. It does sound a bit odd for first time print jobs if you’re not used to the bot yet.