Noise during the printing

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Some prints ago, I’ve noticed strange noise during the printing. It happens between printing two layers, on the edge of finishing one and then starting another one.

I hope the video could help to understand my problem.

has somebody the same issue? how can i solve it?

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First thing I would do is open up a support ticket. This does sound a little familiar but not totally. Mine would make the same noise after if lifted up between layers and on the way back down. It ended up that the z-axis screw needed to be lubricated. If you get in contact with support they can send you some or you can buy the lube that is referenced in the attached document that was sent to me. I have not had any failed prints since doing this.

Lubricating the Form 2 Lead Screw.pdf (406.6 KB)


This is where I purchase mine from.


Thank you for your answer a lot :slight_smile:
I’ve ordered it, hopes it will help. I just don’t sure, from where the noise is going from the lead screw or from the build platform and tank.

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Did you open up a support ticket? I would definitely do that to make sure they get you in the right direction. What I posted was only a suggestion and I strongly recommend that you go thru support.


That noise is the slide motor skipping. While it doesn’t sound good, it is normal to happen occasionally, particularly with some resins on early layers with large parts. The machine is not damaged by this and it should go away after a few layers.

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Ye, I’ve asked support week ago, they suspect that it could be the suction cup effect, but my model doesn’t have any empty pockets.

thank you for the help :slight_smile:

oh…ok, I understand, so I don’t need to do anything to avoid it?

Thanks for comment;
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So long as it is the slide motor and not the z motor. That said, there may be ways to orient or modify your part to reduce this, and it’s possible doing so will reduce forces and vibrations and so improve surface finish.

What resin is this? How large a part?

I use Clear V2 now.

the last model that I printed

it is not so big in an XY direction around2x9x9 cm.
Do you think it would be better to minimize the bottom area, right?

I am surprised that this part with Clear would make that noise. Does the noise stop after a few layers?


Yes, after 2 layers there is almost no noise, just very seldom one can hear the single time knocking sound.

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