Strange Squeaking/Rubbing Noise

Our Form 3 was encountering the common clicking noise so we cleaned and greased our lead screws about a month ago. Now just yesterday we heard the printer making a strange rumbling squeak, like dry windshield wipers going across glass. This happened at the end of every layer and the wiper didn’t move, so I don’t believe it was that.
The print wasn’t affected and came out fine.


Hi @j_greer,

I’m so sorry that you ran into this issue! It sounds like this is an issue with the lead screw in the x-axis of your printer. Did you clean and grease that one too?

Either way, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team. They’ll be happy to provide instructions for properly cleaning and regreasing the lead screws in your printer!

Hi @Jackson,

We did clean and grease both lead screws per the instructions linked on this page. We even printed and used the tools shown in the document.

We started another print this morning and we heard the noise again, but not as often.

In that case, I’d definitely recommend reaching out to our support team. They’ll be able to provide you with some alternative solutions to reduce and/or eliminate the noise!

Hi! I have the exact same noise, did you find a the cause/solution for it? @j_greer

Hi torijin,

If you have already tried cleaning and greasing the lead screws, I suggest cleaning the resin tank exterior as this can attribute to the squeaking.

Otherwise, I would go ahead and create a support case with our support team with a video of what you experiencing as this may be a different issue that the team should investigate. Hope this helps!

@torijin, like Phil mentioned, try cleaning and greasing your lead screw. also look at the bottom of the tank and clean any residue off. I also saw some residue on the top of the LPU rollers I cleaned off.

In the end support came to the conclusion that this was a worn ABL nut and RMAed the printer for us.
I would try cleaning mentioned above as that did make it better at first.

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We had the same issue. I applied a very small amount of the grease to the rail that the rubbing block (circled in yellow below the X axis screw) runs along in the attached images. No more squeaks.