LPU makes "click" noise on new F3B+

I have this brand new 3B+ and immediately I noticed it made some strange noises when moving the LPU. If I move the lead screw manually I can easily recreate the noise and it seams to happens at the same place.

On the other 3B+ I have next to this one there is zero noises like this, it’s silky smooth.

With the machine on you can still hear this noise through all other noises. Both while printing and while moving the motors through the new menu alternative.

Is this some new sensor that’s been added or is there something not 100% right in there? It prints fine right now but I’m afraid it can cause issues down the line.

Hi @Reine,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having a clicking noise on your new F3B+; it sounds to me like the x-stage might be a bit under-lubricated and the friction could be causing the clicking sound. If you could please open a Support Ticket and include the videos, serial name, and any other helpful information, we can get a lubrication kit out to you!

Support case opened, thanks.

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I have some updated on this case.

So I opened a support case as you suggested. After sending several videos I think they finally heard the clicking noises and decided to send me a lube kit. I cleaned and re-lubed the x-axis lead screw but nothing changed.

I’ve described and send more videos to the support and today they got back and informed me the clicking noises are “normal” and that no further action would be taken.

So now I’m left with a new F3B+ which clearly has some issues. Shall I just run it until it breaks down (outside of my warranty period as it expires in a month) or shall I become a mechanic and try to solve the issue on my own?

This is just my personal opinion, but in my eyes none of those alternatives are very attractive… But what do I know…

I am having the same issue and the same thing is happening

This printer is in a office area so nails down a chalkboard isn’t acceptable

Hi @jcamper

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing a sound similar to nails on a chalkboard. As mentioned above that could be caused by an under lubricated lead screw. Please open a case with our Support Team and include a video with clear audio, the serial name of your printer, and any other helpful information. This way we can get a lubrication kit out to you!