Form 3B Clicking

Just updated to the latest FW on the Form 3B. When the printer is preparing to print - just after it checks and fills the resin tank - there are 3 clicking noises that weren’t present before. Bad noises, like a motor is jammed or something. After the clicking, the printer starts printing and operates normally. Any idea?


It’s the magnets that connect the mixer to the LPU.

This has been happening for some time and it would be worth you searching the forum for ‘clicking’ or ‘noise’ for more information.

The clicking does not affect the prints at all.

Have you pre-filled the tank or did you let the printer fill it from empty?

Its indeed the “magnets that connect the mixer to the LPU.” FL say it can do no harm and will be solved in future Firmware updates.

Have not started mine in a while but printed my first piece yesterday. Came out great but that clicking noise at the start now is a little more than scary.

Hope it’s resolved soon!

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Tank was prefilled. Also, the issue seems to follow the tank. When I swapped it out with my biomed clear, there is no clicking issue. And ya, I’ve been living with the super scary clicking sound, but everything seems to be printing fine.

My Form 3 did that but stopped doing it after the last (1.15.0-700) firmware.

I noticed there was a firmware update for the 3L this morning. In the notes it says it is supposed to take care of the clicking noise.

I’ll have to fire it up this weekend and see if that is indeed gone. Nasty hearing that!

I also had the same issue and it was also resolved in the last firmware update on my Form 3.