Rattling during the printing of the first few layers

Does anyone else get this? The prints come out fine, but when it’s printing layer 1 and 2, it sounds like there is a constant periodic clicking during the print.

My Form 3 also experienced loud clicking sounds yet normal prints, although the clicking was happening during tank prep. It sounds like your problem may be the same or similar.

FL support diagnosed the problem after I sent in a video. FL support fixed the problem through the printer’s remote assistance feature. Here is their diagnosis and instructions:

"The video you sent looks like an issue with something called the mixer coupler. Sometimes they get a little overexcited, but this is something we can fix by remote access. We’ll have you enable this feature so an engineer can access your printer. You’ll be able to print normally during this time but your printer will need to be power cycled for the fix to take effect. Please make sure the following is done and let us know when the steps are complete!

Be accessible on the Internet (any standard network connection should be fine)
Be on firmware 1.4.3 or newer
Have the “Settings —> System —> Remote Assistance” setting turned on
Have the “Settings —> Connectivity —> Dashboard Logging” setting turned on"

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