Noise and vibration in the form2


I have been having problems with form 2 for a long time, it is the Z axis, construction platform, when it goes up and down it makes noise with vibration, the impressions are also going wrong with layers displaced.
The solution could be to lubricate the Z axis?.I think there might have been some drop of resin on the threaded rod.

Are you noticing this on each of your prints? In some cases, a suction effect between the print and tank can strengthen peal forces a bit and cause the artifacts you’re seeing. If it’s happening on each of your prints, it’s unlikely that this is the cause and more likely that the lead screw just needs a bit of lubrication. If that’s the case, I’ll get you in touch with a member of our support team and we have small packets of lubricant we can send your way.

Hi Frew,

Is the lubrication part of the normal maintenance of the Form 2 ?
If that is the case, you might want to document it …

I’m 159 prints in and have the same question. I know the lubricant is sent out by the support team when there are issues (I have experienced no major issues), however is it time for a little maintenance on my machine do you think?

Lubrication of the lead screw isn’t necessary for most users, but some printers with prolonged use will eventually need additional lubricant. When the lead screw needs lubrication @kevinduhe, it tends to be pretty noisy about it and you’ll know.

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Exerpt from the BOEIGN 737 maintenance manual :
“Scheduled lubrication of the main engine shafts isn’t really necessary , but 'ya know… shit happens, and if it does, you might want to remember those water landing simulations from flight school”.


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