Load noise when platform lifts

I started having this platform loud noise issue 2 prints ago. The 1st time it made the noise it only did it 1 time and the 2nd print it did it 3 times and now on this 3d print it did 5-6 times. Is there something that has gotten lose over time or something I need to lubricate? the weird part is that once the print gets going it doesnt do that noise anymore.

I had the same issue happen to me but then when printing it would do the same thing and not go all the way back down into the tank and ruin the print. I went thru the support team and came to the conclusion that the z-axis screw needed to be lubricated. Since then I have had no problem.


Adding on to @Chris_Estelow’s comment; if you get in touch with our support team, we have small packets of lubricant that we can send to you.

Thanks Guys I really appropriate the quick response. As far as the z-axis screw are you refereeing to this on the image highlighted in blue https://support.formlabs.com/hc/article_attachments/115000637810/leadscrew.jpg

That’s the one. Here is the document they sent me specifying the exact lubrication to use.

Lubricating the Form 2 Lead Screw.pdf (406.6 KB)


mine started making wookie noises on a 20 hour print after a motor out of bounds error…
I paused it- checked the resin for debris and found none- resumed the print and it finished without issue.

Then I started a 14 hour print. It printed perfectly for 600 layers or so… then started Chewbaccaing and giving me motor jammed and out of bounds errors- I checked the resin and still nothing… but then I caught it doing something new…
the platform would make a groaning noise as it lifted— and not fully retract… and the wiper arm would bang into the print, breaking off support structures.

over the course of this print it got worse and worse.
I aborted the print. Cleaned the tank and resin - installed new preform software- rebooted the printer… and the platform came down- Stopped an inch above the resin and the laser started with the platform hanging in midair.

I am also having issues with the wiper arm NOT returning to its parked position… sometimes interfering with the platform.

I have checked the Z screw and it STILL has plenty of oil on it… it leaves my fingers wet with lubricant to touch the thing.

And the machine has run literally just a handful of prints… why it would need lubricating with so little actual use is beyond me.

Interested to hear other folks’ experience Want to know if lubricating the jackscrew is a serious fix or just a placebo…

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