Kinda urgent!

Hello there… I need your help guys. My platform arm on my form 2 makes groaning noises as it raises and lowers. It is currently 28% done on a three day print. Do I need to be concerned about it finishing? How do I fix this if it’s a problem? Can I pause my print and fix it without wasting the past 22hrs of printing? Any advise would be appreciated.

This happens to me allot on big jobs where the platform is near the top. Its nothing to worry about. I have found that greasing the z axis doesn’t really do much.

What kind of grease did you use?

There’s not much space in the threads for the grease, so it usually just ends up squeezed out by the nut.
Can’t say if it’ll help for sure in this case, but try a low viscosity and low NLGI grease if you can find one.

I’ve got some that’s used for transmission gear with very little to no backlash in wind turbines - obviously overkill, but the point is, it has a very low viscoscity and NLGI. I used it the first year i had my Form2, haven’t heard a squeak from the Z lead screw since.

In my case, I used what Formlabs recommended, which is “Super Lube 92003 Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE”. For my printer, I notice the noise on longer/taller prints. I think it appears to be a harmonic issue at the top of the Z axis.

Noisy Printer

Sounds like it.
Doesn’t sound anything like the normal squeal you get from lack of lubrication.