Loud noise wile print platform move

Every time the platform goes down it make this loud sound.
Is it normal? Can I put some oil? :slight_smile:
loud noise

Yep, you need to apply some grease.
Formlabs advises Super Lube 92003 available on Amazon.

Thank you fantasy2! Where exactly do I need to apply it? Over the long screw?

Yes, it goes on the long screw. In a pinch, you may see a large amount of the grease that has been pushed down the screw to the bottom of the build plate’s travel path. You can scoop it up and smear it back along the screw.

Great! Thank you guys!

I cannot access the noise file. You sure the noise is the z motor/peel motor and not the peel action. Maybe you can change the model orientation to reduce the stress of the peel. Since i cannot hear the noise file, maybe it is not the peel, it can be just as you said, the z motor.

If you get in touch with our support team, we have small packets of grease we can send for particularly stubborn lead screws.

Sloh I fixed the noise file. You can see it again now.
Frew can you guys send it to Brazil?

Cannot see or hear or open the files. Sorry.

I’m not sure. You should get in touch with our support team and if we’re unable to ship, we can at the very least advise which lubricant you should purchase.

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