Very loud noise and build platform stuck

Just finished one print and started next one. A very loud noise started as the build platform was supposed to move down, but it didn’t. Is it the stepper motor perhaps?

I was trying to upload a video, but the format is not permitted!

Without the video it is a little more difficult to pinpoint exactly what the noise is but,
With the machine off, can you move the Z axis lead screw to lower the build plate arm?
Does it sound like a rather high pitched whine?
What did you do to stop the noise?

Upload to YouTube and share the link

I can’t turn the screw thread as DavidRosenfeld suggested. The noise stops when the platform is supposed to be ready to start printing.


Being that you cant turn the Z screw, I would open a support ticket. Hopefully FL can get you up and running without having to send the printer in for repair.

This might help you:

Thanks for the input folks. Will raise a ticket now. Will let you know how I get on.

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