Clicking or abrupt stopping sound when build plate rising - Form 3

Hi all, first time I’m experiencing this…and I didn’t experience it on my last print a week ago.

My build plate normally rises and lowers smoothly, but starting at about layer 6 on one of my prints, when the build plate rises after finishing a layer, it sounds like it stops abruptly. It’s not really a clicking sound, but it sounds like the stepper motors that are raising the build platform stop abruptly. Normally it doesn’t make this sound - in the past it rises silently and you can’t really even hear when it has stopped rising.

Not sure if this is some unique characteristic caused by my print…this sound is not heard when I turn on the printer and the build plate rises to reset/calibrate. I also aborted my print and tried again, but the issue appeared again and starts at layer 6…

Here is a video:

Any thoughts? Thank you

Quick update: oddly enough the issue stopped happening after 20-30 layers…I’m wondering if something about my part height caused a weird situation between layers 6 and 40ish that made the stepper motors do something a bit weird…

If you search the forum for ‘click’ you will find many people have reported the same thing.

I don’t think it’s the stepper itself.

It sounds to me like the platform screw having some vertical slop.

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Hey thanks, I did search for “click” but nothing appears to match the issue I’m describing. Other posts talked about the servo in the back of the dispensing system, or when the platform descends, or something about the tank. But I didn’t find an example where it happens the the platform rises and one where the sound is similar. Maybe I missed a post you found?

Try this thread

Unfortunately, no one seems to have a solution yet. A similar noise produced by the main x-leadscrew can be cured by re-greasing it.

Ok where is this screw located? Can you take a picture? I have re greased the rods once, but i don‘t think it came from there. Once i was told it comes from the mixer clutch and they have to adjust some speed-parameters concerning the mixerarm…

I think they really don‘t konw, where to locate the problem…

…but they do manage the preform issue with the 3d connexion mouse after 5 or 6 updates…my space mouse was out of function until preform 3.2.1 or so…now it goes very well again…,

The screw that lifts the magnets is inside the LPU. I really don’t want to remove the LPU only to find there is no access for the outside.

yes you are right, that does not make any sence…and is to risky too…