Form 2 Nasty Click on Descending Build Plate (SOLVED!)


So I have my Form 2 currently printing. For some reason Im getting a clicking sound.
The clicking happens when the platform is going down as its making contact with the Resin Tank.
But no clicking sound as its going up for the next layer.
The Printer has not been moved at all since we got it. I have been the only one using the printer.
3hours into this current print and it started clicking.

Here is a video

Any thought.
Thank You Guys

Only because you said “any thought”… watch the build platform screw turn and look for any chips or defects in it around the height where it clicks, probably easiest to do during job start/finish when the platform travels most. But somehow I get the feeling that the click has to do with the sliding action of the resin tray rather than the build platform. Is the tray maybe bumping into something - the inside of the lid, the edge of its travel route, etc.? See if there are any signs of contact (chipping, scraping) with the tray and the printer surfaces it moves close to. If you have another tray to use as a test, does the click happen there as well? You can also run the printer in Open Mode without resin, tray or build platform to see if the mechanism makes the click without any tray at all. I’m a great fan of troubleshooting by ruling things out. Good luck!

That’s a bit odd especially considering you don’t hear it on the way back up. Thanks for the video and it should help to get things solved more quickly! I’ve reached out to our support team and you should be receiving an email from Dan shortly who will help to troubleshoot.

Well I’m back to work. Once again the print came out flawless:sunglasses:. Running same print again.
Same Clicking sound sound. During platform descend. I love to take things apart and trouble shoot and fix things myself bu the printer is working perfect. Hopefully that clicking is not something important that could damage the printer.

Frew awesome thank you so much.

So I resolved the issue with the clicking coming from the Form 2.
Dan pointed it out the clinking was coming from, when the tray was sliding back in to center.
Not the best solution. Maybe I should have use super glue. But I ended up braking the corner.

The right back corner rubs up again a rubber guide or seal.

Thats funny the hole tray that moves side to side seem to be made from the same plastic the resin tray cover is made out off.
The right back corner rubs up again a rubber guide or seal.

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