Brand New Form 2 loud noises and build platform freaking out

Hi all, my lab recently purchased 3 brand new Form 2 printers. 2 of them work perfectly fine, however one in particular has something wrong with it. When I turn it on (the screen says “initializing printer” the machine makes weird noises (a grinding noise) and my build platform goes all the way down to the tank and pushes down on the tank VERY SCARY. any help or explanation to this??

this is happening out of the box, have not run a print attempt at all.

I don’t know how this machine managed to make it out of our factory (unless something horrible happened during shipping) but if you’re able, give us some more information.

  1. When the machine is unplugged move the Z axis to the middle of the range. Find a piece of paper and stick it carefully into the limit switch at the top left of the Z tower. (Look at the small flag at the back of the build platform holder - the piece of paper is this flag and you are tricking the printer into thinking its platform is already homed and should not be moved anywhere fast.) Turn the printer on with the piece of paper in the switch and if the Z axis moves only tiny tiny bits, I think you have a stepper wire swapped or partially unplugged or shorted or a driver malfunction.

  2. The grinding noise. It could also be the Z axis, but grinding usually comes from wiper motor or peel motor. Observe these motors and tell us what kind of motion is produced in the tank carrier and wiper arm.

You should definitely open a ticket with support. Even if they can help you fix this easily/remotely, these kinds of fresh-out-of-the-box errors should be recorded.

Adrian, thanks for the troubleshooting ideas. I attempted what you advised, with the paper in the limit switch, however nothing happened. I unplugged the printer, put the piece of paper in and restarted the printer, only this time the grinding noise was not there and the z-axis did not move at all. The “initializing printer” prompt came up for a brief second before progressing to the "Ready to Print!’ screen.

I am unable to remove the empty tank and build platform as the build platform is pretty much all the way down, I cant get it to move up at all. I was able to remove the wiper, I put the wiper mount in the middle and when I started the printer it returned to its home position. That’s all that happened. I also tested initializing the printer without the paper in the switch and I got my initial result: grinding noises, build platform inching up and down, eventually going all the way down pushing down onto the tank. Now its just sitting slightly above the tank. The wiper mount however seemed to do its normal thing, returning to its home position. I’ve opened a ticket with support and have sent a video of the problem.

Okay - it is not what I initially thought but we do know about this issue. You definitely need to open a support ticket!

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