Setting up Form 2 for the first time: Motors Jammed and binding noise?

I’ve just followed the quick guide instructions for the Form 2 and I’m having a problem.

I’ve removed ALL packing material. The printer is hooked in via CAT-6 cable to my LAN. It’s on it’s own desk. Upon power up, the build gantry extends all the way to MAX Y/Z axis, but I hear a loud binding noise for a few seconds and I get :

ERROR: Motors Jammed

At this point I’m still following the instructions. I haven’t gotten to the point of installing the build platform, the Tank or the resin yet.

The Optical window guard tray is still in place so I unplug the unit remove the tray and plug the unit back in.

Same thing happens on boot, I hear a binding noise and get:

ERROR: Motors Jammed.

I abort and I have no idea what to do at this point. Do I continue to install resin/etc. This doesn’t make any sense at this point.

For what it is worth, I just got mine today and it did the same thing. Same message etc. However my problem appears to have went away after it finally homed the Z axis. Let us know the fix. I see so many post with problems that appear to be fixed later but the solution is not posted.

I got a response back from support, trying it out.

It work??
BTW Resin will not dispense until print is sent to printer.

The quick install guide lists plugging in the printer before installing the resin, tray and wiper.

Because the printer boots up on power, it will trigger that error message before you have a chance to install the other parts.

I went ahead and installed the tank, wiper and resin, updated the firmware and the error went away.

Running my first prints now.

Looking back, that was a similar sequence as mine. Still don’t understand the grinding noise.
Thanks for the feedback and saving others from making our mistakes.

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