Second Form 2 with motors jammed error right out of the box

I’m INCREDIBLY frustrated right now. After a 2 week process to get my first machine replaced my new machine has the exact same problem. Upon first time plugging it in I get a motors jammed error and if I abort (even though theres no print) It then says “ready to print”. Is this actually an issue or should I try printing with the machine?

Update: After doing a bunch of research on the forum I took the risk of installing the build platform and resin tank, seems to have solved the problem. I’ve seen several posts about this error now and it all seems to be because first-time users follow the instructions and turn on and initialize the printer before installing the platform and tray. Re-ordering these instructions might prevent this kind of panic confusion, especially from people brand new to this type of 3d printing (like me!). At any rate, I have now started my first ever print and it seems to be running fine. I started with a groot model so I’ll be back in about 10 hours when it finishes!


Glad everything seems to be working well for you now. We’ve seen this error a few times and although our support team is usually able to troubleshoot, I’ve made sure to forward this to the team so that they can evaluate whether a change in documentation would make things more clear.

It makes sense to me to install all the parts before plugging in the machine the first time. From a UX standpoint it felt weird to me to be told to power it on before installing a build platform, resin tank, and resin. There shouldn’t be a motor jam at all either way though, there’s obviously something else going on. Perhaps the firmware takes into account weight of the build platform when calculating move distance so without it moves just enough faster to trip the stop? Total speculation on my part because I have no actual idea. At any rate, my first print (groot!) was a complete success, and I’ll be doing more parts this week!

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