Motors Jammed, build platform will not raise enough to clear wiper arm

My 10hr print failed, with 13 minutes to go, giving the motors jammed error. The build platform gives a terrible noise, and jerks around, and barely goes up. Its like the gears are stripped. It gave a similar noise on first start up. Doesnt seem very high quality…50% print success…well, sucks.

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50% success rate isn’t nearly as high as we like to see and we’ll work to try and improve that for you. Our support team is going to be best suited to troubleshoot this with you and one of our members will be reaching out over email.

It does look like there could be an error associated with your Z stage and our support team is going to be best suited to help out. Videos like this are always a big help in allowing us to more quickly diagnose errors and get them corrected.

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6 days and counting. Nothing has shipped yet. Dead in the water.

Day 7. Still no help other than being told its being done way faster than normal. If it ships today (unlikely), then that will make 2 weeks to resolve a problem on a printer that broke, cracked, and failed on 2nd print.

Day 12.

Shipping info received.

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