Z jamming during print


I’ve been having issues with my machine of late. Basically prints have been randomly failing, either not printing, or printing with large holes. And now my tank is showing signs of clouding only after about 6-10 prints with white Form1 resin.

But now there is a new problem. It seems my bed will only go up about 50 mm before jamming during a print. This of course results in a failure. But turning the machine off and resetting sends the bed to the top just fine, so I suspect it isn’t mechanical. Or maybe it is ?

Has anyone seen this before ?

Lastly, I’m pretty disappointed in Formlabs support. I put in 3 tickets so far, over the course of 3 weeks and still no reply. Even sent one via email. I have confirmation emails that the tickets have been placed. Poor service for a company that made me wait over 13 months for a machine that has lasted for less than 2.



Sorry to hear that Jamie – that definitely does sound like an issue for our support. It sounds like there is a mechanical issue with your Z-stage that’s preventing it from going higher. I do apologize that your machine has been having so many issues, and I’m not sure why you haven’t been receiving responses from us – our system shows your requests as received and responded to! Thanks for letting us know, here – we’ll take another look at this and make sure that we make contact.

Thanks Sam. I have now been contacted by support.